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Vehicle accidents that occur on the job are some of the most common types of work-related injuries.  This might be due to the fact that many industries use and rely on large trucks and other vehicles to complete job-related duties like transporting food or products and constructing roadways.  While vehicles make a number of jobs possible, they also are capable of causing devastating and sometimes fatal injuries to individuals who operate and/or work in proximity to them.  Fortunately, if the accident indeed happened at the workplace or while job-related duties were being performed, you might be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits.  Thus, if you or a loved one has been injured in a workplace vehicle accident, it is important that you contact an experienced California Workers’ Compensation Lawyer as soon as possible in order to preserve your right to benefits.

Inland Empire On-The-Job Car & Truck Accident Injuries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly forty percent of all fatal workplace injuries in 2013 were attributable to transportation accidents.  The vehicles involved in many workplace accidents usually include large, heavy, and bulky vehicles such as tractors, dump trucks forklifts, trains, cement trucks, and semi-trucks.  Workplace vehicle accidents can occur in a number of different ways, in a number of places, and for a variety of reasons.  For example, large trucks carrying heavy loads or hazardous materials on a public highway or within an industrial complex can cause catastrophic accidents if they crash into other vehicles, machinery, or other employees.  An accident such as this might happen if an employee was not trained properly, is inexperienced, or is distracted, or conditions such as inclement weather, poor visibility, or improper vehicle maintenance did not allow for the safe operation of a workplace vehicle.

Workplace vehicle accidents can cause injuries ranging from minor bumps and bruises to broken bones to traumatic brain injuries and even death.  Employees have the right to a safe workplace, and if a vehicle accident occurs while a worker is performing their job-related duties in California, they might be entitled to receive compensation for their injuries.  Most of the injury-related expenses that an employee incurs as a result of a workplace vehicle accident are paid through an employer’s workers’ compensation benefits as long as the employee was actually performing tasks related to their employment.  But in other instances where an employee injures someone else, the employer may be held liable for the employee’s negligence or perhaps even the employer’s own negligence in failing to exercise due diligence to ensure the safe operation of workplace vehicles.

To determine whether you might be entitled to compensation for any injuries you sustained in a workplace vehicle accident, whether through workers’ compensation or a personal injury claim, it is important that you consult with an experienced California Workers’ Compensation Lawyer right away.  A knowledgeable and skilled attorney can help you obtain he compensation you need and deserve.

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If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a workplace vehicle accident in the San Bernardino, Hemet, or Inland Empire areas, you should seriously consider consulting with an experienced and dedicated workers’ compensation lawyer at the Albert E. Hirst Law Offices right away.  Albert E. Hirst, III, has assisted numerous clients and their families with workers’ compensation claims that involve job-related vehicle accidents and he is ready to work hard to obtain the best possible results in your workplace accident case, too.  Call us today at (909) 885-7190 to schedule your free consultation and find out what we can do for you.