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When many people hear the term workers’ compensation claim, they oftentimes think of serious and devastating workplace accidents such as a worker falling from an extreme height or being caught in a large explosion while performing job-related duties.  While the injuries sustained in these types of accidents likely would be covered by an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance, other types of injuries like repetitive motion injuries can be just as severe and hard to overcome.  When repetitive motion injuries develop over time from repeatedly performing the same workplace duty, these injuries can also be covered by worker’s compensation.  If you believe you are suffering from a work-related repetitive motion injury, you might be entitled to compensation.  Be sure to contact an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer by calling (909) 885-7190 to discuss your case.

Repetitive Motion, Repetitive Strain & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Injury Lawyer

Repetitive motion injuries or repetitive strain injuries are a kind of injury or chronic pain that ends up developing in an individual’s nerves, muscles, or tendons due to repeating particular motions or movements on a consistent basis over a period of time.  The motions don’t have to be physically challenging or difficult, but when they are repeated several times a day every week for years, the effects can lead to serious and painful injuries.  For example, a worker might develop chronic pain in their wrists, fingers, or other joints from sitting at and using a computer for eight hours every day.  Over time, using the computer’s keyboard or mouse in a particular way can result in carpal tunnel syndrome where tingling and numbness might occur in an individual’s hand or arm because of a pinched nerve in the wrist.  Other computer-related injuries can include tendonitis or tears in the tissue that connects the bones and muscles, and bursitis, which is swelling that can occur between the bones.  The type of repetitive motion injuries that happen from computer use are actually fairly commonplace, as many jobs rely on the use of computers to complete many job-related tasks.  While the movements involved with operating a computer are not necessarily harmful by themselves, if a repetitive motion injury does develop over time, a worker can suffer a significant amount of pain, and they might not be able to perform their ordinary job duties or other life functions.

It is important to note that employees who use computers are not the only workers who are at risk of developing a repetitive motion injury.  There are many physical jobs, like manufacturing, factory, or construction jobs, that require repetitive movements.  Duties involved in other jobs can include repeated reaching or lifting, standing for prolonged periods of time, or frequent use of certain tools or machinery.

It may be years before you realize you’ve developed a repetitive motion injury, but if you have any symptoms or pain that you suspect might be the result of a repeated workplace action, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.  Accordingly, contact an experienced San Bernardino & Riverside workers’ compensation attorney today.

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If you are suffering from what you think is a workplace repetitive motion injury and you live or were injured in the San Bernardino, Hemet, or Inland Empire areas, be sure to seek the advice and consult of an experienced Inland Empire repetitive motion injury & carpal tunnel syndrome lawyer at the Albert E. Hirst Law Offices right away.  Albert E. Hirst, III, has extensive experience assisting clients with workers’ compensation claims involving repetitive motion injuries and he can help you obtain the compensation you need and deserve.  Call us today at (909) 885-7190 to schedule your free consultation and learn what we can do for you.