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How to Successfully File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Workers’ compensation law in the US mandates that employers provide insurance coverage to employees for work-related injuries. An employee who gets injured on the job can file a workers’ compensation claim to get medical and wage benefits.

In this post, we will explain how to successfully file a workers’ compensation claim for a work-related injury.

1. Immediately Report the Injury to your Employer

If you get injured at the workplace, you must immediately report the incident to the employer. California workers’ compensation law allows 30-days to an employee to report a workplace related injury. The sooner you file a workers’ compensation claim, the more it will be to your advantage. If you don’t report the injury within the prescribed time limit, you can’t claim any benefits

2. Properly Document the Injury and Medical Treatment

Verbal notification about the injury is not enough. The notification to the employer about a work-related injury should in written and include relevant details. You should mention the time, date, and place of the injury. Also, you should mention witnesses who could back-up your claim that the accident occurred at the worksite.
Generally, employers require employees to file a workers’ compensation form. This form must be filled according to the given instructions. Your employer must give you a form and the mailing address within one working day of being notified of the injury.

Additionally, you should carefully document every trip to the hospital, every discussion with your doctor, nurse or physical therapist, and every treatment or prescription. This evidence helps support and prove your claim.

3. Sign and Date the Paperwork

Many times employees fail to sign the paperwork. As a result, they may lose out on getting a claim for the injuries. After you have completed the workers’ compensation claim form, you should not forget to sign and date the document.

In addition, it’s also a good idea to attach relevant supporting documents such as medical forms given by the doctor and invoices to back-up your claim for workplace injury compensation.

4. Contact an Experienced Work Injury Attorney

Although you are not required to hire a work injury attorney to file a workplace injury claim in California, getting the help of an experienced attorney will help you navigate through the confusing process. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer will protect your rights and make sure that you get all the required benefits.
In case the employer doesn’t provide you the benefits to which you are entitled, a workers’ compensation attorney will file a court case on your behalf. Keep in mind that an employer that is required to carry an insurance against workplace injury and fails to do so is guilty of a misdemeanor in California.

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