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Filing a Premises Liability Claim for an Injury at a Movie Theater in Southern California

Many movie theaters across the state are a hub for patron injury such as slip and falls. Spilled drinks and the dark atmosphere are a great mixture for accidents to happen. When a person suffers an injury as a result of the lack of cleanliness or low visibility inside a movie theater, common injuries can result in:

  • Broken bones,
  • Displaced hips,
  • Internal organ damage,
  • Spinal cord injuries,
  • Brain or head trauma, and
  • Paralysis of the extremities.

A person who has suffered injuries due to a slip and fall accident inside a movie theater is legally entitled to seek monetary compensation for his or her grievances. When a slip and fall accident occurs within the premises of another, the negligent action or inaction of the theater owner or manager can indicate a valid personal injury claim.

If you or someone you know has recently suffered an injury due to the negligence of a movie theater manager, consult the legal advice of an attorney who has experience in dealing with premises liability claims in the State of California. Injuries caused by negligence can typically lead to high medical costs and/or the inability to earn an income. Filing a claim can help you as you recuperate from your injuries.

Placing Liability on the Theater’s Owner for a Slip and Fall Accident on the Property

Premises liability laws govern responsibilities held by property owners and when an injury has transpired within the property, it is the victim’s responsibility to demonstrate that the owner’s actions or inactions where negligent. Furthermore, it is the duty of the victim to demonstrate that the negligence was the main contributing element that caused his or her grievances.

Elements that Determine Negligence

Property owners in the State of California have the reasonable duty of care to ensure that their patrons or property visitors are safe when inside the property. If negligence is present, this typically means that the property owner failed to ensure, or otherwise maintain, a safe premises.

An example of a negligent movie theater manager can be one who fails to clean up after every movie showing; thus, allowing for spilled drinks and food to cause hazardous conditions for the next showings customers.

Your Duty as a Victim

As a victim, it is essential to understand that simply because you sustained injuries within the premises of another, this does not indicate the owner has a responsibility to your injuries. Similarly, if a property manager failed to ensure a safe premises to his or her patrons, this does not automatically implicate negligence. In order to have a valid claim, you will need to demonstrate that the owner knew about the hazardous condition that caused your injury or should have known about it. You will then need to demonstrate that the owner did not take the proper action to alleviate the hazardous condition. 

The Bottom Line: File a Claim for Your Injuries

Attending a movie showing is typically a relaxing endeavor. Unfortunately, accidents can happen in places that are not maintain up to safe standards. If you suffered injuries resulting from a slip and fall accident in a movie theater, consult an attorney who has experience in premises liability cases. As a victim, you have a right to file a lawsuit for your injuries; a skilled attorney can help you throughout the process.

Attorney Albert E. Hirst is qualified in the field of premises liability claims in the State of California. He works diligently and thoroughly to help injured victims of negligent property owners obtain the financial restitution they deserve.