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Recent Workers’ Compensation Case in Perris

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Attorney Albert Hirst

Over the last 30+ years, workers’ compensation attorney Albert Hirst has helped thousands of people in Perris and the surrounding communities successfully file for work comp benefits. In the following paragraphs we outline a recent case we encountered when a 32 year old man was injured on-the-job at a construction site as a framer. However, we’ve worked with clients of every background including warehouse workers, truck drivers, plumbers, electricians and even jobs you might not think would not be susceptible to injury like office managers, doctors and secretaries. Work injuries don’t just happen to people who perform manual labor. If you or a family member was injured at work, call Albert E. Hirst, a Perris, CA workers’ compensation lawyer.

Perris Work Injury Incident

Our client was working as a framer under a General Contractor for a housing development in Beaumont. While under the normal circumstances of his work, a six foot 4×4 fell from a scaffold and hit him in the occipital area (rear) of his head. He was wearing a hard hat as required, but the injured area was not protected by his hard hat at that moment due to the angle he was working at. It was an unfortunate accident where the timing was just right, (or wrong), to cause this injury.

framing contractor injuryHe was immediately knocked unconscious and rushed to San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital for emergency response. His injury had caused a deep tissue laceration, concussion, and cerebral edema (brain swelling). In the months following the incident our client had to undergo multiple MRIs, X-rays and countless testing. Our client subsequently suffered from chronic migraine headaches and numbness hands and fingers making work as a construction framer nearly impossible.

What was the Outcome of the Claim?

After review by the Workers’ Compensation Review Board, his medical expenses, loss of pay, vocational rehabilitation and temporary disability was approved. This will allow him and his family to pay their bills and maintain their lifestyle while he is trained for a new line of work and pursues employment. Chances are good we will also have to appeal his case to extend the time given to find new employment.

Our decades of experience have helped us refine our process to achieve the following:

  1. Fast, professional advice directly from Albert Hirst and his experienced staff;
  2. Processing of workers’ compensation and personal injury claims;
  3. Outlining a timeline and strategy to get you the help you need as fast as possible.

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If you or a family member was injured at work, or if your spouse was killed on the job, you need to consult with a Perris workers’ compensation attorney who can answer your questions with the confidence only 30+ years of experience can provide. We are considered by local attorneys and judges to be highly skilled and competent, and often get referrals from other local lawyers. We have recovered millions of dollars for clients all over Southern California and can get you the medical attention you need, and answer your immediate questions today. Call us now at (909) 885-7190 or (951) 766-1923 to schedule a free, no obligation consultation at one of our offices in San Bernardino or Hemet.