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Recent Workers’ Compensation Case in Moreno Valley

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Attorney Albert Hirst

Albert Hirst has been a workers’ compensation lawyer serving Moreno Valley for over 30 years, so you can imagine we’ve seen a lot of different cases of work injuries. Earlier this year, we worked with a client who had severely injured their back working at a large warehouse & distribution facility in Moreno Valley. During her shift, she felt a sharp pain after she turned to grab a box. This individual was only 23 years old, but injured her back severely due to the constant and repetitive motions of lifting and moving heavy boxes and objects. This chronic strain affected her lower and middle back, as well as her shoulders and neck area. The injury was created by her work environment, and the resulting pain required her to be off of heavy work for several weeks.


What Action Did we Take?


We initially had a free consultation at our Hemet office and immediately sent her to one of our referral doctors for a comprehensive examination. At the time of the consultation, she didn’t have her employment file so she submitted it after she saw the doctor and a day of rest. The doctor recommended her to take at least 3-5 days off of work without any strenuous activities and prescribed medication to manage her pain. This doctor’s recommendation allowed her to take the time needed off of work without penalty from her employer.

For 30+ years, we’ve worked with injured workers in Moreno Valley and the surrounding communities and we’ve developed a process that enables us to get the best possible success of your claim. Going through the workers’s compensation system without a qualified attorney creates a high likelihood that your claim will be denied or delayed. We find that this burns time and money that our clients just don’t have.

How Did This Case Conclude?

In this case, we received an “accepted claim” for our client, which means that the claims administrator agreed that her injury was covered by workers’ compensation. She was able to take time off work to recover, her medical bills were covered and when she returned to work she was allowed a modified light duty schedule to ensure that she wouldn’t re-injure her back and neck.

Skilled Workers’ Comp Attorney Serving Moreno Valley

Whether your work injury was mild or severe, you should consult with attorney Albert Hirst to determine if there’s possible compensation due for your injury. Often times, we handle cases that involve a significant injury in which a limb was amputated, there was an electrocution or a severe burn. These are all situations where you should consult with an experienced work injury lawyer. Albert Hirst has been serving Moreno Valley, CA as a workers’ comp attorney for decades and has handled thousands of successful claims. We’ve also successfully appealed numerous denials for clients that have tried to go through the process alone or with a law firm that didn’t fully understand the system. Call us today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation at (951) 766-1923, or submit a contact form and we’ll call you to discuss your matter as soon as possible.