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Important Things To Know About Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits In California (FAQs)

Based on California’s personal injury laws, a motorcyclist who has been injured after an accident has the right to file a lawsuit the party who caused his or her injuries. The following are commonly asked questions with respect to filing a personal injury lawsuit based on a motorcycle accident.

Who can be held responsible for my motorcycle accident?

Motorcycle accidents can be caused by a multitude of reasons. You have a legal right to file a lawsuit against anyone who could have caused the accident. This could involve:

  • Another motorcyclist,
  • A reckless driver,
  • A jaywalking pedestrian,
  • The city or county responsible for maintaining road safety

What damages can I recover for by filing a lawsuit?

By filing a personal injury lawsuit, you can recover monetary compensation for the following:

  • The loss of wages or inability to earn a living,
  • Physical injuries,
  • Medical expenses,
  • Motorcycle or other property damage, and
  • Future medical expenditures

What can I do after my accident to help my case?

After a motorcycle accident has occurred, one of your primary concerns should be to seek medical treatment. If your injuries are severe, contact 9-1-1 immediately after the accident.

When undergoing a motorcycle accident, it is very likely that your emotions will prevent you from feeling physical pain. If you don’t suspect any injuries, it is always safe to make sure you are well by seeing a medical caregiver.

Besides making sure that your injuries are taken care of, seeing a doctor can help you by means of establishing a medical record that will help fortify your personal injury lawsuit. The medical record will help to demonstrate that you did sustain injuries from the accident.

What are other supplementary factors that could help me build my case?

If possible, gathering information at the time of the accident can help you establish your version of events, which could be useful in making your claim stronger. After the accident, you should attempt to gather as much information as you can about the incident, regarding:

  • License plate numbers of the vehicles involved,
  • Names and contact information of drivers involved,
  • The insurance information of the drivers involved,
  • The year, make, and model of the vehicles involved,
  • The VIN number of the vehicles, and
  • Eyewitness’ contact information

It is also beneficial to take pictures of the scene, including:

  • Street conditions,
  • Weather conditions,
  • Damages to your motorcycle,
  • Damages to the other vehicles,
  • Your injuries or wounds (if apparent)

Seek the Legal Support of a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney

If you have suffered a motorcycle accident, you should know that your have the legal right to file a lawsuit against the party that caused the accident. Consider speaking to a qualified attorney who can guide you through the claim’s process. A skilled attorney will defend your rights and help to ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

Attorney Albert E. Hirst is highly skilled in the field of personal injury lawsuits involving motorcycle accidents. He is prepared to vigorously fight for the rights of his clients in a court of law.