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Recent Workers’ Compensation Case in Fontana

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Attorney Albert Hirst

After over 30 years practicing workers’ compensation law, you can imagine that we’ve seen a wide variety of work injuries, specific causes and circumstances surrounding the injury. In January of 2018, we met with a Fontana resident who is a delivery truck driver serving for a large parcel delivery company. After over 20 years of lifting heavy packages, and moving large boxes this 39 year old suffered a severe herniated disc. This work injury made it impossible for him to continue working. Further complicating his claim, was a related repetitive motion injury he suffered in his neck.

What Did We Do?

injured worker

After our client completed a free consultation with us and retained us as his attorney, we recommended a doctor

that he could see immediately to begin diagnosis and treatment for his injuries. We also collected all the relevant work history, medical records and prescription information. This information helps prepare a compelling claim for the Workers’ Compensation Board. Over the last 30+ years, we’ve developed a process that ensures the best possible success of our client’s claim. Going through the process without an experienced Fontana workers’ compensation lawyer significantly raises the chances that your claim will either be delayed or denied completely.

What Was the Result of This Case?

In this particular case, our client received what is called an “accepted claim” which means that the claims administrator agreed that his injury was covered by workers’ compensation. Additionally, we were able to secure a benefits structure including compensation, medical care and temporary disability benefits.

Skilled Workers’ Comp Lawyer Serving Fontana

Hiring an inexperienced workers’ compensation attorney can cost you time, money and medical or disability benefits that you and your family need and deserve. Albert Hirst has been serving Fontana, CA as a workers’ compensation lawyer for decades and has handled thousands of successful claims, and has also successfully appealed countless denials for clients that have tried to go through the process alone or with an attorney who doesn’t fully understand the system. Call us today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation at (909) 885-7190, or submit a contact form and we will call you to discuss your case as soon as possible.