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Experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Discusses Some of the Most Common Workplace Injuries in the United States

Individuals are injured on the job all too often. The injuries and illnesses that workers sustain can be serious and debilitating, and in some cases, a workplace accident can be fatal.  Many times, an injury-causing accident or incident that happens at work is random and can happen to anyone, but it is also important to remember that your employer has a duty to make sure your work environment is safe and that proper safety policies and procedures in place.

Some of the most common types of workplace injuries include:

  1. Overexertion Injuries. These injuries are typically related to lifting, pulling, holding, pushing, throwing, and carrying activities at work.  Repeating these motions over a period of time can result in serious injuries to the neck, back, shoulders, and other parts of the body.
  2. Tripping or Slipping and Falling. Many workplace injuries happen when an employee slips on a wet floor or trips over something and falls.
  3. Falling from a Heightened Location. Many individuals perform their work from ladders, scaffolds, and on roofs.  When a worker falls from a heightened location, the injuries can be devastating.  The use of proper safety equipment can help to prevent these serious
  4. Falling Object Injuries. When large objects fall from shelves or are dropped by another individual, a worker can sustain serious injuries.  Many head injuries occur in these types of accidents.
  5. Reaction Injuries. These types of injuries are caused when someone trips or slips but doesn’t necessarily fall.  These incidents can cause the muscles to seize up and can result in muscle strains or other body trauma.
  6. Vehicle Accidents. Workers often drive vehicles for business purposes and unfortunately, some of these workers end up getting into car accidents.  Accordingly, it is important for employers to provide training on operating vehicles safely in order to reduce the risk of accidents.
  7. Walking or Running into Injuries. When someone accidently walks or runs into windows, doors, walls, or objects, serious injuries can result.  Many workers sustain head, neck, knee, and foot injuries in these types of accidents.
  8. Being Crushed By or Entangled in a Machine. In workplaces where heavy machinery and equipment is used, workers run the risk of injury.  Fingers, hair, and clothing can get stuck in equipment, and/or a worker might get crushed between a machine and another object if the operator of the machinery fails to see the worker before it’s too late.
  9. Repetitive Motion Injuries. Repetitive motions such as typing on a keyboard can result in injury if it is performed over a lengthy period of time.  Muscle strains and sprains can occur, vision problems arise, and many individuals are diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome.
  10. Violence in the Workplace. Sometimes disagreements at the workplace result in violent encounters where employees are seriously injured.  Policies and procedures for dealing with these types of incidents are important for keeping workers safe.

Experienced California Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

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