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Some of the Most Dangerous Jobs in the United States

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly five thousand individuals are killed in workplace accidents in the U.S., and countless others sustain serious injuries or suffer from illnesses as a result of their job.  Many of the fatal injuries happen in just a few job sectors and are often considered to be some of the most dangerous ways to earn a living in the United States.  These hazardous jobs include:

  1. Being a roofer is inherently dangerous given that workers are usually working from ladders, on scaffolds, or at the top of high and steep roofs.  Fatal injuries from falls are the most common cause of death among roofers.  In addition to fatalities, roofers are also at risk for fractures, head injuries, and other non-deadly injuries.
  2. Loggers also face inherent dangers due to the fact that they operate chainsaws and other heavy equipment in order to fell trees.  These workers also risk injury from falling trees and inclement weather.
  3. Pilots and Flight Engineers. There are inherent hazards every time large aircraft take off from the ground, including fires, electrocution, and crashes.
  4. Fishing, Crabbing, and Other Related Jobs. Jobs like these are especially dangerous given that they often deal with inclement weather, malfunctioning gear, and accidents involving vessels and machinery.
  5. Garbage, Recyclables, and Other Waste Collectors. These workers handle and deal with large trucks and heavy crushing machinery.  Their job also involves risks that are associated with handling hazardous material and frequently being in traffic.
  6. Steel and Structural Iron Workers. Iron and steel workers are typically installing iron or steel beams with the use of cranes and other heavy machinery.  These workers are also prone to falls and slipping and tripping.
  7. Ranchers, Farmers, and Other Agricultural Jobs. The fatal accidents that occur in these jobs are usually the result of heavy machinery, long hours, and transportation accidents or incidents.
  8. Electrical Power Line Repairers and Installers. Falls from extreme heights and electrocutions are responsible for most of the fatalities in these types of jobs even though there are usually multiple safety precautions in place.
  9. Truck Drivers and Other Commercial Vehicle Drivers. Driving a vehicle is inherently dangerous, but when you do it as part of your job, your chances of being in an accident only increase.  Not only that, but truck drivers also face other hazards such as extreme fatigue after being on the road for lengthy stretches of time, and adverse weather conditions.
  10. Chauffeurs and Taxi Drivers. Drivers of taxis, limousines, airport shuttles, and other chauffeurs are at a higher risk of accidents since their job requires that they maneuver and travel through bad weather and heavy traffic.  Other potential hazards might include long hours that result in fatigue and dangerous and violent passengers.

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