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Common Reasons Car Accident Injury Insurance Claims  are Denied

Insurance companies do not always accept car accident injury claims. This is even if the accident was caused entirely due to the fault of another driver. This is because their main goal is to minimize the payout and keep as much money as possible.

The reality is that insurance companies use a number of tactics to limit to personal injury claims. Here are some of the common reasons they reject the claim for car accident injuries.

1. No Treatment was Taken

The most common reason that a car accident injury claim is rejected is that the injured person did not take immediate medical help. You need to report any injury right after the accident. This is important otherwise the insurance company can claim that the injuries were not related to the accident. Unfortunately, the company will not consider whether you were unable to get immediate treatment due to financial problems.

 2. Pre-existing Injury

Another common reason that the insurers deny a claim is because they say that the injury was present before the accident. They disregard the fact that the pre-existing injury could have worsened the condition and outright deny your claim.

3. Accident Was Unavoidable

The third common reason that the insurance claim for car accident injuries is denied is that the company claim you could have avoided the collision. They make this claim in order to put partial blame on the injured person.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney for a Car Accident Case?

A professional personal injury attorney can challenge the results in the insurance company. The attorney can launch an independent investigation to see what they had missed. Usually, it happens that the police report gets the incident wrong. By interviewing the witnesses, an attorney will be able to unearth real facts surrounding the case. This will strengthen your case resulting in pay-out for car accident personal injuries.

In addition, a personal injury attorney will dig into the medical records to challenge the claim of an insurance company that there were no serious injuries. Again, it often happens that the insurance company overlooks important medical record regarding the injuries.


You should always get the help of a personal injury attorney from the get-go. An experienced personal injury attorney will make sure that your interests are protected and that you receive the maximum possible compensation for your injuries.

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